Mediation allows you to design your own solution

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Our mediation service is faster and cheaper than going to court.
It lessens conflict, and you stay in charge.

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Mediation is a process that people decide to do on their own. It is up to both of them. Before a mediation session can be set up, both sides must agree to it. Confidential: The mediation session is open to all kinds of communication.


Mediation is an informal and flexible way to solve problems. The mediator's job is to help the two sides come to their own agreement, not to tell them how to do it. The mediator make sure both sides understand each other's point of view and move closer to a resolution, as well.


All the information clients share with a mediator is kept private, with very few exceptions.Proposals created during mediation can't be used in court.If you try to mediate but it doesn't work, the court won't know why it didn't work.


Both of you can always count on the mediator. He or she doesn't take sides. Mediators don't give you advice, but they do give you details about legal principles and guidance about what you should be thinking about.

Communication is key to fixing disputes

Proven Methodology

All mediators are trained and experienced in helping clients

We dont judge

Every situation is different and unique but we are impartial and whatever your situation we find good sensible conversations can create solutions.

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We offer zoom, whats app, facetime meetings to suit around you.

Affordable Rates

We don't charge the same rates as Solicitors and courts and our service is about getting results or you stop using it.

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