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Mediation in Civil and Commercial Disputes


Mediation is a method of resolving civil disputes without having to go to court and incur the time, stress, and expense of doing so.
Whatever the nature of the issue, our mediators can assist in reaching a resolution, no matter how intricate or hotly fought the battle may be.

We provide a non-formal, cost-effective, and time-efficient mediation service to our clients.
We can set up mediations in a couple of days or weeks if necessary.
While a court is confined to making legal decisions, our specialised mediators can assist parties in reaching more comprehensive, innovative, and superior solutions.

Civil and commercial mediation is an effective way to quickly resolve disputes without the need for costly or time-consuming litigation.

It is a voluntary process in which both parties come together with a neutral third party, known as the mediator, to work out a mutually acceptable agreement. The goal of mediation is to facilitate agreement between the parties and help them reach an amicable resolution in a timely manner.

One of the main advantages of civil and commercial mediation is that it provides an opportunity for direct communication between the involved parties.

This encourages open dialogue and informal discussion, allowing each side to express their point of view in an effort to find common ground. This type of dialogue allows for creative problem solving, often leading to creative solutions that are beneficial for both parties involved.

Mediation also helps reduce costs associated with litigation because there are no court fees or legal fees for either side. Legal counsel may be present at mediations but they do not play any active role in proceedings; instead, they offer advice and guidance when necessary.

By avoiding expensive law suits, both sides can save money while still achieving their desired outcome.

The results of civil and commercial mediation are often more satisfactory than those reached through arbitration or litigation due to its emphasis on compromise and consensus building rather than adversarial posturing. In addition, the process is confidential and non-binding so neither party has anything to loose by participating in the process.

Parties can walk away from mediation without ever having signed any agreement if it turns out that an acceptable resolution cannot be reached.

Finally, civil and commercial mediation can be completed quickly compared to other methods such as arbitration or litigation since it does not involve lengthy trial preparation or court appearances.

By working with a skilled mediator who understands the dynamics of dispute resolution, both sides can work towards finding a mutually beneficial solution without taking up too much time or resources.

In summary, civil and commercial mediation is an excellent option for resolving disputes quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to everyday life or business operations.

By providing an opportunity for open dialogue between all parties involved, offering cost savings over traditional methods such as litigation or arbitration; and allowing fast resolution times; civil and commercial mediation helps people resolve disputes sooner rather than later without sacrificing quality outcomes in doing so.

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