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When it comes to resolving disagreements and disputes, many people now turn to mediation. The main benefits of mediation are that it is confidential, that the mediators are impartial, that you have control over the decision-making process, and that it is voluntary.

It appears that legal squabbles are never far from the headlines.

Whether it is a celebrity couple divorcing, an employee suing their employer, or two neighbours fighting over ownership of a piece of land, our newspapers are filled with the most recent details of court cases. When all else fails, many people will turn to a solicitor to solve their problems.

They may have even tried to talk to the other party about the dispute first, only to discover that this approach failed.

Second, legal battles can be time-consuming. This means that, if a solicitor is doing their job properly, they will examine the entire body of law pertaining to your case.

This, as well as the time required to attend court, can be very stressful, which is why Countrywide mediation is promoted as the first choice by the courts and Solicitors.

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