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child custody

Child Custody Mediation What To Know

Child custody mediation will almost certainly occur over the course of your divorce and custody fight. Mediation is nearly ubiquitous in the twenty-first century, and there is no way around it. As a result, you should be prepared to meet with a mediator to ensure that the entire process runs well. This story details how I performed admirably as a single parent during the mediation process and was given full custody of my daughter. Other things I did were successful, but for the sake of this essay, we’ll concentrate on the top three techniques to prepare for child custody mediation.

Recognize What Mediation Is

As soon as I learned I would be meeting with a custody mediator, I immediately studied myself on the subject of child custody mediation. I did this before the internet was widely available, and as a result, I was forced to rely on other people and the good old-fashioned library. However, I immediately realised that the child custody mediator’s role is to complicate my life. He was present to assist me in determining what was best for my kid. I was more than willing to meet him once I realised that.

The Mediator Reduces the Stress

There was really no reason to quarrel with my ex-wife over custody problems when a mediator was engaged. We both submitted our cases to the mediator, who briefed the judge on his findings. The judge then decided based on the mediator’s findings.

You may make the process more simpler for yourself and the mediator by inviting the mediator into your home. Simply pretend that you’re inviting a buddy over for tea or coffee. Bear in mind that this is a non-aggressive meeting. The mediator for child custody has no animosity against you. He or she is exclusively concerned with your child’s well-being. Therefore, be friendly. Be considerate. And most importantly, help the child custody mediator feel welcome in your home. Bear in mind that their job is not simple as it is. Therefore, do not make it more difficult for him or her.

Make Certain You Are Prepared For Your Meeting

When I met him, I had all my ducks in row. From my work schedule, to my daughter’s daycare schedule, who picked her up from daycare, what she ate for meals on a regular basis, what books I read to her, movies we watched, television shows we watched and even what kind of vitamins I gave her. I wrote down everything I did with my daughter and showed it to the mediator. When he came to visit my home, he saw that what I was saying was true. Bottom line, I try the best I can to be the best parent I can to my daughter. I simply showed that to the mediator, and everything worked out just fine.

Mediation is not designed to hurt anyone, or cause hard feeling or hardship. It’s set up by the judge simply to help out your child in the custody battle. The mediator should be viewed as a friend and not a foe.

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