Family mediation Swindon has been required by law since 2014, but it was widely recognised as a way to save time and money. During mediation, the mediator will talk to all parties involved and try to resolve the case. This has many advantages, even if you cannot reach a complete agreement without going to court.

This allows you to step back and see the situation objectively. It can also help to be less emotionally charged when dealing with children, which is why divorce mediation in Swindon is now mandatory.

Many people feel more dignity when they can negotiate the terms of their case without getting into petty squabbles – again, the mediator provides the necessary distance.

However, even if the case goes to court, mediation Swindon usually helps to some extent. By identifying areas of partial agreement and areas of disagreement, the court can focus on fewer issues.

This allows your lawyers to focus on resolving the remaining issues without wasting time in the crowded family courts. A less stressful process, less time and money spent by all parties involved, are all compelling reasons to trust your mediator, no matter how emotional or difficult your case may be.

Child-friendly divorce mediation Swindon

Mediation Swindon and child-inclusive divorce go hand in hand to ensure any dependents have a voice during their parents’ separation, and to reduce stress for young or vulnerable children.

It can also help young people understand what their parents want to say, especially if their parents find it difficult to express themselves due to other distractions and emotional challenges.

A child-inclusive divorce removes some of the conflicts between parents and focuses on moving the whole family to a happier place, even if one parent leaves the family home.

Who is the mediator?

If the divorce involves children, the mediator will ensure that their welfare is treated on an equal footing with the parents – nobody is more important than the other, and nobody is the ‘default’ voice.

Assisting the children in the negotiation process allows them to make decisions that directly affect them when appropriate. However, the mediator will never ask the child to make a major decision, but will always ensure that the family as a whole agrees on it.

This is true whether the parent is taking residential responsibility for the child after the separation or is moving out of the family home and visiting less frequently.

And how does it help?

Mediation Swindon helps parents who cannot agree on the child’s future residence or visitation rights feel less ‘pulled’ in opposing directions, and less powerless.

It facilitates communication and ensures that nothing is agreed upon in good faith that will ultimately harm the child’s welfare.

People who were reluctant to visit one or both parents felt much more comfortable visiting after being consulted as part of child-inclusive divorce proceedings.

A mediator can be a friendlier face for young children than a lawyer, helping the whole family move forward as quickly as possible.

How divorce mediation Swindon can protect you

On Day 2 of Family Mediation Swindon Week, we’ll look at how mediation Swindon can help you weather the storm, how much mediation costs, and what child-inclusive mediation is.

There is a less stressful, less expensive, and more dignified way to divorce than dragging the whole family through a lengthy court process. It’s called child-friendly mediation Swindon.

How will I pay for it?

Mediation is a less expensive and faster way to resolve disputes. Mediation Swindon takes less time than court, so it saves money and reduces emotional stress.

Keeping families out of the family courts reduces stress and anxiety levels by keeping them out of the family courts.

A child-friendly mediation Swindon

Many parents want to keep their kids out of the courtroom, but kids can get anxious if they aren’t involved. As a result, child-inclusive mediation seeks to involve children at all stages of the process.

If children feel powerless in their situation, they are often mature enough to have a say in their future.

Even if the kids aren’t old enough to make decisions for themselves, mediation Swindon helps them feel less “left out” and reduces stress on the whole family.

While the final decision is always a compromise, child-inclusive mediation Swindon ensures the child’s voice is heard, resulting in more satisfying arrangements for both parents and the child – preparing everyone for a brighter family future, regardless of the outcome.

Think about it.

Child-friendly mediation Swindon involves children and ensures their voices are heard. Mediators can meet with children one-on-one to learn about their views and preferences. Click here to learn more about child-inclusive mediation in Swindon.