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Couples contemplating divorce used to consult a family lawyer first, but nowadays, they either DIY or hire a family divorce mediator Cambridge if they can’t agree. If both parties agree, the DIY method can save thousands of pounds in legal fees. Using lawyers to negotiate a settlement or child custody arrangements can be a lengthy and costly process.

If a couple cannot agree, they may have only two options. Solicit a fair financial settlement and/or child custody arrangements from the courts. Prior to filing a court application, both parties must attempt to resolve the issues through mediation Cambridge. Even if mediation fails, a family mediator must sign the appropriate court forms to prove it was tried. Courts will not accept applications signed by a certified family mediator. So, what are the divorce mediation benefits?

Divorce Mediation Cambridge Benefits

Using divorce mediation Cambridge has many advantages, including low cost and quick resolution. Unlike solicitors, mediators usually charge a flat fee for meetings and any resulting documentation.

Efficacious – Divorce mediation can be as cheap as £300 per person. a joint mediation Cambridge meeting, an MIAM for each party, and a Memorandum of Understanding. Some mediations require two or more meetings, adding approximately £150 per person.

If you hire a lawyer to handle the case, they will often quote several thousand pounds and require a retainer before starting work. Pay as you go mediators are common. Mediation Cambridge also eliminates the possibility of a large final bill. Correspondence, phone calls, and emails are usually included in the fixed fees. Greenwitch Mediators

Shorter Process – Time is a factor, and divorce mediation wins again. Many mediations are completed in a few days or weeks. Obviously, both clients must be available and willing to mediate. The process is simple: each person has an MIAM, then a joint meeting. The actual time spent negotiating is only a few hours. In the event of a financial agreement, a solicitor will prepare it and file it with the court as part of the divorce process.

One of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation Cambridge is that it often eliminates the need for a court battle. This is where a divorce can become very costly, costing tens of thousands of pounds. Divorce mediation costs around £300 per person to achieve the same result.

How Effective Is Family Mediation Cambridge?

Family mediation Cambridge usually has a high success rate. Mediation has many advantages over other options like solicitors or courts. Of course, the willingness of both parties to participate and the skill of the mediators determine the outcome.

To achieve a successful outcome, both parties must agree to participate. Too often, people refuse to engage, resulting in court actions. The legal system isn’t what most people expect it to be. To begin with, the courts do not want to be the body that decides a child’s fate. They would prefer that parents make these choices. However, if parents cannot reach an agreement through mediation, the courts will step in and make decisions, which may not benefit either parent. The courts will always side with the child and what they think is best for them.

Why is Family Mediation Cambridge so successful?

The simple answer is that the right mediator will help you not only have difficult conversations, but also explore other options for a lasting solution. Due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, all family mediation Cambridge is now conducted online rather than in person. This reduces potential conflict and, more importantly, the anxiety of most who would otherwise be forced to sit in a room with their ex-partner. These days, people meet in the privacy and security of their own homes, never having to face their ex in person.

The family mediator’s skill is important in reaching an agreement. They will create a safe and balanced environment for talking. They may ask difficult questions to ensure the other party fully understands their position. While impartiality is a core value, many family mediators admit to having a bias towards the children involved, even if they never meet them. They will remind both parties that the primary reason for mediating is often a disagreement over children.

Why Must I Mediate Before Going to Court?

Almost always, a dispute with an ex-partner requires mediation Cambridge before the courts will consider it. Whether it’s a child-related or financial issue, your court application form must be signed by an accredited family mediator. Why is this so?

You and your ex may reach decisions and agreements through mediation, saving the court time and money. Also, the courts are currently overloaded, so hearing more serious cases makes more sense. It is widely held that parents, not courts, should decide what is best for their children.

What are the exceptions to courtroom mediation Cambridge?

The only exception is when the situation is deemed urgent and it is not possible to mediate. This includes situations involving domestic violence or a child or children at risk. The courts will want to hear the matter now. Courts have considerable power and are willing to use it, especially when a child’s safety is at stake.